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How to Buy CSGO Smurf Accounts (100% Secure & Legit Accounts)

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First of all you need to create an account, for that click on the register button on top right. After successful account createtion verify your mail id for account cinfirmation.

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To buy to play Counter-Strike Global Offensive, either you can manually search or go to the navigation menu to buy your desired CSGO Account and add it to the cart.

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Now, you can proceed to check out or browse for more products. You can easily pay with PayPal. Just fill the form and complete the payment, you’ll receive your CSGO account details via email.


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Buy Legit CSGO Ranked Accounts

At CSGO Boost Me, we take the responsibility of providing you the top-level CSGO experience. Our CSGO ranked Smurf accounts are available at highly affordable prices and claims to be active support in the game. It helps you fight against the weaker players and encourages you to handle the higher-ranked opponents. You may not be a pro in the game when you start, but as you play with our ranked accounts, you will receive the necessary training to deal with confidence while battling against the pro opponents.

From Silver 1 rank to Global Elite, we have got all levels of ranked CSGO accounts for you to choose from. We are a team of passionate CSGO players who know what it takes to win a game and offer you the best services of a CSGO smurf account. You will find CSGO Prime accounts at reasonable prices with 24X7 customer support from our dedicated executives. They will provide you with the best guidance and support concerning all your queries about CSGO Smurfs.

CSGO Boost Me is a renowned online store that offers ranked CSGO Smurf accounts with 100% secure Purchase as we use 256Bit SSL encryption.

Why CSGO Boost Me

Highly Ranked CSGO Smurf Accounts

With us, you get to own CSGO ranked accounts of different levels. Want to own a Global Elite CSGO account? We got your back mate!

Instant Delivery

What is the sue of buying a game instantly if you don’t get to play it at the same moment? We understand this and deliver you the account right away, within minutes!

Cheapest Yet 100% Legit Accounts

We offer 100% legit accounts at the cheapest rates possible. You need not worry about spending too much for a game you are passionate about.

What Do You Get with A CSGO Prime Accounts?

When you buy a CSGO account from CSGO Boost me, you get a Steam username, a Steam password, an email and an email password (if required). We understand that it can be a little confusing buying CSGO account as you get to choose from a wide range of options, AT CSGO Boost Me, you get the options, such as Non Prime Accounts, Prime Accounts like Prime S1, Prime SMFC, Prime S3, Prime MGE, Prime ME, Prime SE, Prime GN1, Prime LE, Prime GN3 and more. Each of these accounts come with different levels and every level has its features and expertise.

To understand a particular type of account, you can call our 24X7 customer support team for assistance and guidance. You get instant ordinary for most accounts and you can make a safe purchase. We have a safe and secure payment gateway that keeps your details private. The best part is you receive all the details of the account within minutes. Waiting time? We don’t have that word in our dictionary!

All the accounts we provide you are 100% authentic. You need not worry about any kinds of ban or cooldowns on the accounts. The VAC status of our list of accounts is clean. We do not indulge in any kind of third-party or hacking software to function these accounts. While playing with our CS GO accounts, you get the benefit of relaxing your mind with the best game rather than worrying about the logistics. You can leave that on us. We are here to serve you with the best gaming experience.

Simply choose your favorite account type or the one that interests you the most from our list of CSGO Boost accounts and sit back all relaxed to play immediately. Do remember that once you buy the CSGO account, your playing skills need to get on board to move ahead faster in the game. Play, find your teammates and reach the heights of victory. After all, it is the glory game!

Remember, we are here whenever you need us. Our live chat is to serve you with all kinds of issues you face while buying an account and even after that. Are you stuck at a step of the activation process? Shoot a message and we are right here to figure it out for you. You can also use our email to contact us for detailed information about an issue.

How Can You Buy CSGO Prime Accounts?

Create Account

Firstly, you have to create an account to buy a CSGO Prime account by clicking on the register button at your screen’s top right corner. Then you have to verify your email id for the account confirmation after successfully registering on it.

Add product to the cart

You can also directly go to the navigation menu and search for your desired CSGO prime account. Then add it to the cart to check out and play Counter-strike Global offensive.

Proceed to checkout

Now, you can check out your product by paying through PayPal quickly. You simply have to fill a form and proceed to pay. Then you will receive an email having all your CSGO prime details.

Buy Legit CSGO Ranked Accounts

CSGO Boost Me has the utmost aim of providing you with top-level CSGO prime accounts. We guaranteed that these CSGO prime accounts are available at affordable prices and claim active support in the game. We provide you with quick support and an easy checkout to have a hassle-free purchase. However, we have an extensive library of CSGO accounts containing both ranked and non-Prime accounts. Our spacious library includes Prime CSGO ranked accounts; non-Prime CSGO accounts and CSGO high tier accounts. The benefit of buying a prime account is that you can handle the high ranked opponents and fight against the weak players. If you have our CSGO prime accounts, you will receive training and several medals to deal with confidence while fighting against pro players. Our team has experienced CSGO players delivering you ethically boosted CSGO prime accounts. However, you can contact us at any time because our dedicated is 24/7 available for you to give you the best guidance and will solve all your queries about CSGO prime accounts. CSGO boost me is a renowned marketplace that features high-quality prime accounts and a 100% secure purchase as your account is securely boosted under our expert team’s supervision using 256 Bit SSL encryption.

What Will You Receive with A CSGO Prime Account?

You will get a Steam username, password, email address and an email password after purchasing a prime account from CSGO Boost Me. However, a wide range of options makes it challenging to choose a CSGO ranked account. So that is why at CSGO Boost Me, we limit your search to various options such as Prime accounts like Prime S1, Prime SMFC, Prime SE, Prime GN1 and many more. Every prime account has a different level with its features. Our experts’ team is 24/7 available to provide you with guidance and concerning your queries about CSGO Prime accounts. We are committed to offering you 100% secure purchase and instant delivery. You can pay with our safe and secure payment gateway quickly. The best part is that you will get your product within a minute because we know there is no benefit to instantly buying a prime account if you do not get to play one at the same moment. You do not have to worry about your account because your account is securely boosted under our expert team’s supervision. Moreover, our accounts’ list has a clean VAC status, and we do not use any third-party software to operate these accounts. Our CSGO ranked account will give your mind relief with the best game rather than worrying about the logistics. We make your account secure and spectacular to offer you a fantastic gaming experience. You simply have to choose your favourite prime account type from the navigation menu and add it to the cart. Then you have to pay from our secure payment gateway and site back relaxed to pay instantly. Remember that your skills will get on the board to move further in the game faster with these CSGO prime accounts. So now get a prime account for you to achieve the heights of victory. Moreover, feel free to contact us as our expert’s team is always for you to serve you with our quality support. If you are facing any problem while registering here, we are here for your every possible help. You can also contact us on our email id if you have any query regarding your CSGO ranked account.

Why choose CSGO Boost Me?

  • 100% secure prime accounts at an affordable price range: – At CSGO Boost Me, you are 100% secure as your prime account is securely boosted under our expert team’s guidance. All our prime accounts are available at affordable prices.
  • Instant delivery: – We are committed to delivering you the prime account within a minute because there will be no benefit of buying the game instantly if you do not get to play it at the same moment.
  • 24/7 customer support: – We at CSGO Boost Me, provide 24/7 customer support. So, you can call us at any time if you have any query about your CSGO Prime account.
  • High-quality prime accounts: – CSGO Boost Me is a marketplace that features high-quality Prime accounts. We have got an extensive library of prime CSGO accounts from silver 1 to Global Elite.

About us

CSGO Boost Me is an online store featuring a ranked account of every level. We guaranteed that you would get another level of experience while playing with these prime accounts. Our team consists of some experienced CSGO players delivering you the securely boosted ranked accounts. We at CSGO Boost Me are committed to fulfilling all the CSGO gamers’ needs around the world. We are here to offer you a prime account at the affordable range and ensure that you will get a safe and fantastic gaming experience while relaxing at your home.




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