How can I buy a CSGO account?

To buy a CSGO account with us, follow these easy steps:

  • Register with us on our website
  • Select the product you want to buy. You can choose multiple products and proceed to the payment gateway.
  • Choose an ideal payment method from various options like BTC, Skrill, Credit Cards and more.
  • You will receive the account details instantly in your email.
  • In case you don’t receive it within a few minutes, reach us at the earliest.

What to do after I receive the account details?

  • If you bought a ranked CSGO account, check the rank first. In case of receiving an unranked account because of Party Member Ban (which is the rarest of cases we face), we will instantly replace the account. Just give us a call or connect with us through chat.
  • If you see the rank is fine, proceed by changing the Steam email address and steam password.
  • Turn the steam guard on.
  • If you already have a steam account, do not use the same mobile number for the one you purchase from us.

Do you use any cheats?

  • We do not entertain any kind of hacks or unfair means in the game. We are strictly against it. We guarantee you that all our accounts are authentic and safely boosted under strict supervision.

What do I get after buying a CSGO account?

  • A steam username and password
  • Email password
  • The email linked with your new Steam account

Can I change the email connected to my Steam account?

Yes, you can. Follow these steps:

  • Go to ‘Settings’ of your Steam account.
  • Click on ‘Change contact email address’
  • Select ‘Email an account verification code to…’
  • You will get a verification code to the linked email from Steam Support
  • Login to the email and copy the verification code
  • Enter the code and click on ‘confirm’
  • Enter the email address and click on ‘change email’

Can I sell my CSGO account to you?

No, we do not entertain such requests as we boost the accounts by ourselves.

When will I get the account details?

We do not believe in delay in delivery. You will receive the account information and access within a few minutes of your purchase.

How can I pay for the CSGO account I purchase?

We provide different options for payment of the products, such as PayPal, Skrill, Union Pay, Bitcoin, Mastercard, Visa and more.

Do you give feedback after successful purchase of CSGO account?

No, we do not refund after a successful purchase. However, you will have a Money Back guarantee subjected to our Refund and Cancellations Policy and Terms and Conditions.

Why can’t I add my friends?

As your account is limited to one user, you cannot add a friend, but you can accept friend requests. If you want to get the benefit of this feature, you need to invest some more money. It is a rule by Steam, so we cannot do anything much about it.

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