Terms & Condition

Terms and Conditions

Before you purchase with us, do read our terms and conditions carefully.

Our terms and conditions apply to all our users, visitors and anyone who uses our services. When you use our services, you are bound to accept and abide by our terms and conditions. In case you are not okay with any of our terms, you can step back from using our services.

Our terms of service

CSGO Boost Me is a website providing CSGO boosted accounts. The purchase and sale of the Steam account are against [email protected] AGREEMENT. This indicates that you accept the toral risk of buying a CSGO account from us. If by any chance, Steam limits your account or revokes it, we do not stand responsible for a refund or replacement of your account. We will only take accountability if you stand under the 7-day warranty period.

Smurf account acceptance

When you buy an account from CSGO Boost Me, you are bound to submit all the correct details. When you are on a platform of competitive matchmaking game, it is essential to receive the account with total acceptance. In case the account you receive is not what you purchased or asked for, you can contact us anytime, and we will get it replaced or refund you the difference. But, if you have already started a game, we don’t promise a refund or replacement of that account.

If by any chance, there’s a problem with the purchased account, we are only responsible for refunding the amount you paid. We will not entertain any request for a refund or replacement of a game inventory or Steam inventory.

Delivery system and time

We offer instant delivery of your CSGO account. In case you do not get the details in a time of a few minutes of making the purchase, reach us immediately. You can also find your account information on our page.

Intellectual Property Rights

Please keep in mind that all the products, trademarks and images used on our website are the property of their owners. CSGO Boost Me is our property and subjected to Trademark. Any violation can result in legal actions.

Contact Us

If you have any queries about purchasing an account with us or anything else related to our service, you can contact us through our chat support and email.

We provide Party Member reboost to the users who have not played any competitive game using the account. If you have played a game on the account and lost a match, we can only cover up for 3 lost matches that we will get rebooted to any random rank.



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